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Clinging to the skin of this tiny little world...

All my userpics (icons) are made by me, unless otherwise noted in the comments. I would appreciate credit if you take one, and please don't take them without asking... Some of them are NOT up for grabs.

My Doctor Who Moodtheme is a composite of two different themes by the brilliant lambietoes. Her two themes can be found HERE and HERE.

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I frequently can't spell. It's an A.D.D. thing and I usually can't be arsed to mess with the spellcheck. Sorry ;)
I sometimes use aliases for my family and friends in my journal, just as a courtesy to them, until I can get their permission to use their real names. The only real name I use for sure is my own.
Discussion is ok, but FIGHTS AND FLAMES ARE NOT ALLOWED in my journal. Take it outside, kids. I have no problem freezing threads or deleting comments that are deliberately offensive or just plain mean. And people who persist in disturbing the peace will be unfriended and/or blocked from commenting. I will immediately de-friend, and/or block anyone who deliberately posts spoilers in my or my friends' journals (example: THE main spoiler from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince showed up randomly in my comments at about 9AM the morning the book was released. That person is now permanently blocked from commenting in my journal). It's not funny. It means you don't give a shit about other people and I don't need to waste time on you.
Finally ...If you are not at least pretending to be 18 (because how would I know, really) then you should not be playing in my sand box. You will get DIRTY and ruin your pretty new church dress and make baby Jesus cry. You've been warned ;)

"Babble, Babble, Bitch, Bitch, Rebel, Rebel, Party, Party, Sex, Sex, Sex, and don't forget the Violence..." -Marilyn Manson unwittingly sums up my journal in his lyrics...

My name is Elizabeth. Also known as Liz. But most people around here call me Naz ;D

I am approximately three decades old and I live in Nebraska, which I am proud to say is the only state in the U.S. TO GO PURPLE in this last election! (YAY OBAMAHA!!). I worked as a Barista for about 12 years before taking a break from working to re-assess my life goals. I'm glad to say IT WENT VERY WELL. I now have a new position with a cool company, I have joined the theatre community in Omaha, and life keeps getting better.

I am a member of PFLAG. I am a member of BowieNet. I USED TO PLAY ROLLER DERBY WITH THE OMAHA ROLLERGIRLS *FLEXES*. I love fanfiction and I'm currently writing TRYING to write Giving up on LOTRiPS (grrr) and digging out my X-men Fic NOT writing at the moment.
*pokes muses with sharp sticks*

TurnOns include: the sound of breaking glass, the hum of a lightsaber, muscle cars, Wolverine, Ewan McGregor, Dom Monaghan, Angelina Jolie, David Bowie, Christopher Eccleston, Milla Jovovich, Paul Bettany, boys in eyeliner, girls in leather, neck-ties, pirates, vigilantes, HAN SOLO, JAMES BOND, DOCTOR WHO, slash fiction, and tequila.

It is my goal in life to do as many things, go as many places, and meet as many people as possible on this big spinny rock before I croak.

And I wanna be a movie star.


Made by jesus_h_biscuit

Original Banner Collage by BowieNet correspondant Total Blam Blam

"This Chaos Is Killing Me"
-from Hallo Spaceboy by David Bowie

"I am having a shocking love affair with the Wind. I can't help myself. It's the way he comes in my window at night, and caresses me. His kisses are so cool and delicate.
Whatever will I tell the Sea?"

-digifox is a poet goddess and I love her.

"Iuguolo scriptor in niger per Hugh Jackman's crotch!"
It will be THE DEATH OF ME. thanks to eiluned.

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